EU-India People’s Summit

From 1st to 8th May 2021, Foundation London Story along with other diaspora collectives and groups will be hosting virtual dialogue on the future of EU-India relation. We will be focusing on the need to ground economic relations firmly on the values of multiculturalism, democracy and human security. The summit is co-organised by our co-founder Dr. Ritumbra Manuvie and our core-team members Alena Kahle and Snehal Dhote. The summit receives its key inputs from our Supervisory and Advisory board.
Over the course of 8 days through this Summit we will engage with European and Indian policy makers, experts and influencers to discuss what is needed to build back an inclusive, plural and stronger post-COVID future, where India and EU are equal partners.
The summit addresses the recent crisis in India due to derogation of democratic values and erosion of personal liberties especially of its minorities. The summit also acknowledges similar derogation and rise of populism in parts of Europe and its immediate neighbourhood.

The organisers of the Summit strongly assert that their is a need for open diplomacy, transparency, cooperation and respect for human rights as we move forward. These values should guide not only our engagement of Climate Change but also the engagement on common Digital future.