An atmosphere of hate

The rise of hate speech in India needs to be contextualized in terms of fear, violence, time (history) and space (ghettoization of communities). Our initial findings and hunches have shown us that India is indeed at the verge of a genocide. We are constantly and actively
monitoring, documenting, analyzing, and reporting the situation, and in this report, we present our preliminary investigations into the role of one particular media house in promoting a divisive polarized environment in India. The decision for investigating OpIndia in our current reporting is due to a growing number of their articles negatively reporting about Indian Muslims. We increasingly spotted OpIndia articles on social media (particularly Facebook) as means to rationalize the violence against anti-CAA protestors in Delhi. In this context, we are part of an an ongoing twitter campaign which has led to several businesses blocking OpIndia from their advertiser base.

The report analyzes a total of 2296 articles for their reporting on Muslims in India from 2014-2019.