Report with The Advocates for Human Rights for the United Nations Universal Periodic Review 2022

Read the full UPR submission here.

We submitted a joint stakeholder report with The Advocates for Human Rights for India’s Universal Periodic Review. We took the lead on another stakeholder report, which is available here.

State- and national-level governments continue to pass discriminatory legislation that limits religious freedom and conversion, allows the excessive use of force by police and the military, and grants impunity to State actors that violate international human rights norms. Peaceful protests in response to the passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act in 2019 have elicited communal violence against protesters and Muslims, as well as government crackdowns. State and non-State actors have targeted Muslims during the COVID-19 pandemic, using incendiary language that blames Muslims for the spread of the virus, engaging in economic boycotts of Muslim-run businesses, and disproportionately prosecuting Muslims for violating lockdown.