Our team

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board consists of eminent and well-regarded persons in the field of human rights, humanitarian aid, diplomacy, politics and law.

The current advisory board consists of

Ms. Simone Fillipini, Professor Ruchira Gupta, Professor Fredrik Galtung, Dr. Shaista Safder, Mr. Rahseed Ahmed, Dr. K Sengupta, Dr. Asad Rauf, Dr. Manzoor Hassan (OBE) and Chandana V.

Management Board

Dr Ritumbra Manuvie

Dr. Manuvie, is a lawyer by training and academic by choice. Her work lies at the intersectionality of politics and policy. She is an expert on most things India and can bore you with her passion for academic activism! She is also a good networker, a good speaker, and perhaps a good writer too (but we will never know as the second reviewer is not her best friend).

Mr S. Maurya

Mr Maurya is a Data Scientist, who uses his tools for analyzing big data to draw political and social trends and look behind the veil of majoritarianism, absolutism, and fascism. Balancing the digital totalitarianism of social media companies and his hope for democratic constitutionalism, he challenges rogue political nexus and narratives, by infusing ethics and human rights in digital space.

Danish Nadeem

Danish is a Data Scientist, a strategist and a phygital activist organizing online and offline campaigns. He believes in digital ethics, progressive human values and is actively promoting citizens’ rights, democracy, and social justice in India. Being a Data Scientist by profession and a Computer Scientist by education, he uncovers the patterns and insights of social media information, and helps us fight against the pandemic of hate, misinformation and rampant Islamophobia.

Imran Wali Ahmad

Mr Ahmad is a globally known advocate for transparent and accountable governance system. A true communicator, strategic advisor, and innovative thinker he has lectured at several universities including Clingendael Institute for Foreign Relations in the Hague, Paramadina University in Jakarta, Central Europe University in Budapest, Tsinghua University and YouCheng University in Beijing amongst others, on various issues ranging from Leadership to India in the 21st century to Islam, the West and the rest.

The foundation is assisted in its work by several friends, and volunteers who are passionate about standing for human rights violations. None of the people associated with the foundation are paid by the foundation at this moment, however, we reserve the right to seek grants, project funds and employee or contract suitable candidates as the foundation grows. 

Investigate. Advocate. Organize