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Foundation’s Objectives

The foundation’s objectives are to investigate human rights violations and abuses, analyse and document governmental and non-governmental action that perpetuates or ignores human rights abuses and violations, and advocate for justice, peace, and collective action against grave human rights violations.

The foundation specifically focuses on misinformation, disinformation, hate speech, and online propaganda that lead to violations of core human rights to life, liberty and health around the world.

We are committed to sustainable development goals in particular SDG 16, 5, 10 and 11.

The foundation defines its vision, mission and values in line with the need to have a hate free world, where diversity and pluralism at all levels and across all sectors of societies are central. For all our work, we pay careful attention to diversity, solidarity, dignity, courage and respect for law and human rights.

Named after the London Brasserie in Brussels, where the idea for the foundation was born, we have roots across continents and cultures, and are working towards making a hate free world reality in our home and host countries.

ANBI Status

Acknowledged by Dutch Tax Services as ANBI from 01-01-2021. For further information: www.belastingdienst.nl/anbi

General information

Stichting the London Story is registered on 26 March 2020
Business address:
Stichting the London Story,
The Humanity Hub, 2511 CJ, 58,
The Netherlands
Kvk nr. 77721306.
RSIN nr.861108462

Policy Plan and Financial Statements

The current policy plan and by-laws can be found here.

Articles of Association (only in Dutch) can be found here
Financial accountability 2021
Financial accountability 2022

Remuneration policy board and supervisory board

The supervisory board members and the board members receive no remuneration for their board functions.

Remuneration policy directors and employees

The remuneration for staff, consultants and volunteers of Stichting is competitive within the NGO-sector salary scale. The hourly brutto remuneration of the Executive Director(s) of Stichting is 40 EUR (excl. BTW) since 1st January 2023 (remunerated pro rata). Remuneration scales are well beneath the maximum ceiling of 158.000 EUR within the framework of Goede Doelen Nederland (GDN)

Grant acceptance policy

The Stichting accepts project funds, grants, core-funds and capacity building funds from private individuals and foundations worldwide. The Stichting does not solicit or accept donations by national governments, directly or indirectly. This includes governments, government foundations, and government officials. The Stichting does compete and collaborate with consortiums in competitive grants in Europe Horizon programs. Given the sensitive nature of our work, we do not mention the names of our donors on our website. Such information is provided to auditors upon request in compliance with our legal obligations, and reported to funders and donors by means of regular narrative and financial reports, progress updates, and annual statements and final reports. Funds are accepted in accordance with our emerging Donations Acceptance Policy, which examines compatibility of the donating entity and fund with the goals of the foundation, transparency of sources, nature and reputation of funder, conditions for granting a donation, and more. Donations and grants can be refused if there are grounds to do so. We do not accept donations and grants from (actors in) countries with which India is currently at conflict.

Transparency in the European Union

We are registered in the EU’s Transparency Register and take transparency very seriously. Read more about our advocacy in the EU here.