Our Vision is a world in which governments, politics, business, civil society, and the daily lives of people are free of hate speech and violence.


Our mission is to stop hate speech & associated violence, and promote accountability, integrity and pluralism at all levels and across all sectors of society.


We are driven by the values of dignity, pluralism, accountability, solidarity, courage, justice and democracy.

What’s in the name:

We have been asked several times why are we called the London Story? So here is a simple explainer.

The foundation was conceptualised in the Cafe London outside of the EU-Parliament. This is the space where our story begins. As every young foundation-to-be we looked for few different names and their availability – none of them were available, the London story was. The name was capable of giving us a legal status (and perhaps a bit of nostalgia for the world before COVID). And we were ready to define the organisation and its name through our work ethic, passion and integrity. Moreover, we were ready to challenge majoritarian governmental narratives and speak for the human rights and human security. As Indian diaspora we have stakes in two of the most diverse and enigmatic democracies of the world. Both of which have a strong tradition of rule of law and constitutional plurality. We take these stakes very seriously, for the rest we would like our work to define our spirit and name.

Our Advisory Board consists of eminent and well-regarded persons in the field of human rights, humanitarian aid, diplomacy, politics and law.


Professor Ruchira Gupta, Ms Simon Filipini, Dr. Shaista Safder, Mr. Rahseed Ahmed, Dr. Kheya Sengupta,  Mr. Richard Wilson, Sunita, Aakar Patel, Biraj Patnaik, Ms. Iman Atta (OBE), Mr. Umair Ahmed, Osama Manzar, Amir Ullah Khan, Pratik Sinha