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Monitoring and archiving hate speech and genocidal calls against minorities in India on social media.

The Perpetrator Tracking Hub (PTH) monitors and analyses the use of digital platforms in the promotion of xenophobic and genocidal causes. PTH will document legally admissible evidence about a pre-identified actor-network within the identified geography. This will strengthen the information and monitoring loop with relevant stakeholders, including judicial and parliamentary actors in India and abroad, by providing real-time inputs about the dynamics of hate crime in India.

By mapping the actor-networks instrumental in on-ground vigilantism and documenting how they use social media platforms, PTH provides an overdue investigation into the systematic nature of hate crime.

By archiving and documenting validated evidence of hate speech and hate crime on the Hub’s dashboard, PTH will strengthen adversarial and non-adversarial mechanisms of justice and accountability. This will further assist in building constructive attitudes towards a responsibility to protect and prevent genocide, instead of duty to punish genocide after it occurs.

Project leader

PTH is led by Dr. Ritumbra Manuvie and implemented by Stichting The London Story, an Indian diaspora-led think tank with its seat in the Humanity Hub in The Hague, The Netherlands. It defines its vision, mission and values in line with the need to have a hate-free world, where diversity and pluralism at all levels and across all sectors of societies are central.

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