We are an independent Human Rights Defense organization, registered in the Netherlands. The foundation aims to investigate, advocate, and engage on issues of Human Rights abuse and humanitarian crisis. Our key focus for the year 2020-2023 is monitoring the rise in ultra-right majoritarianism in India.

Hate Speech

We study hate speech to push for advocacy and accountability on social media platforms.


We record incidents of violence involving state and non-state actors in India.

Systematic Oppression

We study systematic oppression as part of Power struggles.

Our Work

Rohingya in India
Photo by Ahmad akacha
Report providing State of Rohingya Refugee in India

Working Brief
Photo by Fuzail Ahmad
Working brief providing chronology of violence in Delhi
Face of Hate Book
A preliminary report documenting Hate Speech promoted by the Right-wing Hindutva groups operating on Facebook inside India.

Atmosphere of Hate
Report using Natural Level Processing tools to understand the growth in negative sentiment against Indian Muslims.
Hindutva Nation
Preliminary report flagging concerns about HSS

Pandemic is a Portal
Documenting the misuse of pandemic to subvert democratic values of dissent in India

Investigate. Advocate. Organize