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We and Indian American Muslim Council are looking for 1-3 volunteers to assist on a several-month campaign to bring Islamophobia to the centre of public attention by pushing for defunding hate!

Interested? Email or!

Title: Campaign Volunteer for a Global Defunding Hate Campaign
Volunteer(s):  1-3
Hours per week:     5-10
Starting date: 1 May 2022, duration subject to discussion
Location:  remote
Working with:  Alena Kahle, Foundation the London Story
Time zone:  Europe, US

Project Description and brief summary of proposed tasks/duties

In 2022, Indian American Muslim Council and Foundation The London Story want to launch a several-month campaign to bring Islamophobia to the center of public attention by challenging platforms that harbor Islamophobic content. Digital hate speech against minorities on social media platforms has been instrumental in the genocide in Myanmar, and growing atrocities against minorities in India, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and elsewhere. This hate is fueled by advertising money of small and big businesses, whose ads are placed on platforms and websites amplifying Islamophobia. The monetization model of the Internet which relies on shocking and hateful content needs to change. In this campaign, we call for conscious advertising, specifically focusing on Muslim businesses that are unintentionally fueling Islamophobia.

The volunteers will help The London Story and IAMC team in the preparation and coordination of the campaign, including engaging in the following ways:

• Help identify Muslim led business that advertise digitally

• Help and liaising with these business

• Identifying and liaising with partners from civil society

• Assisting in drafting op-eds and press release on the impact of unconscious ads in promoting Islamophobia

• Assist in creating visuals

• Other tasks that may arise as part of the campaigns

Skills and requirements

Soft skills:

• Experience working in decentralized teams, especially in social movements and campaigns

• Ability to use tact, discretion, and sound judgment when dealing with confidential information

• Availability – Europe and US hours given the international nature of the campaign

Hard skills:

• Sound time management and organizational skills, with the ability to work in Microsoft Teams environment

• Experience in or motivation for creating captivating social media posts and public-facing content

• Experience using Canva

• Experienced wordsmith

• Capacity to read Arabic or other languages apart from English is an advantage

How to apply

Interested candidates can contact or, detailing their availability. Video calls to get to know each other will be scheduled soon after. Volunteers are accepted on a rolling basis.