Indian diaspora unites for peace during 2024 general elections 

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As India launches its general elections on April 19, Indian diaspora organisations around the world, including Hindus for Human Rights, Foundation The London Story, The Humanism Project, Sadhana, and others, have come together under the umbrella “Uniting for Peace: Share the Light”. During this six-week social media campaign, the diaspora has announced a wave of activities to amplify voices of peace and social cohesion. This comes as voters in India are being deliberately polarized by malicious actors for personal gains, creating communal divisions in a culture that has strong traditions of tolerance, co-existence and secularism. 

“Uniting for Peace: Share the Light” is built on the belief that the overwhelming majority of people desire peace and social harmony, and that the forces of division represent a vocal but minor faction. While political actors may be inciting violence to gain votes, the campaign asserts that most Indians, including those abroad, choose peace and tolerance instead of artificial division.

As progressive Indian diaspora, we stand unequivocally for human rights, human dignity, and peace. Social media has given a megaphone to people with extremist voices that disregard human rights and dignity, but with this campaign, we want to encourage those around us to stand up for human values, and raise our voices together for peaceful co-existence.

– Ritumbra Manuvie, Executive Director, Foundation The London Story, the Netherlands

The Humanism Project seeks to promote universal human values while advocating for peace based on principles of social justice. We recognise the rich history of peaceful coexistence that is our shared legacy and are glad to join the Uniting for Peace – Share the Light campaign that brings people together across India and the diaspora.

– Deepak Joshi, founder, Humanism Project, from Melbourne, Australia

Through ‘Uniting for Peace: Share the Light,’ we at HfHR recognize the profound impact and responsibility we hold as part of the global Hindu community. It is essential for us to engage actively in the global conversation, promoting peace and unity. This campaign is not just a call to action—it is an urgent invitation to uphold our values of ahimsa  and satya in a world that deeply needs these principles. By participating, we affirm our commitment to a global society where dialogue, respect, and understanding prevail over divisiveness. Let us all come together to light the way toward a future where every voice is heard, and every community can flourish.
Sunita Viswanath, Co-Founder of Hindus for Human Rights from NYC, USA

During the campaign, which coincides with the Indian elections, vocal organisations led by progressive Indian diaspora will use social media not to divide – but to build bridges. To amplify voices of peace, the diaspora organisations have announced they will amplify the vast amount of pro-harmony art that Indian society has produced over the decades: Poetry, art, music, films, and more. 

For more information on how to join or support the “Uniting for Peace: Share the Light” campaign, please visit Uniting for Peace. Visibility for partners is a key component of the campaign. All collaborating entities will be featured on the Hindus for Human Rights website, included in press releases, and highlighted across various media platforms, ensuring that each partner’s contribution is recognized and celebrated. 

Participants and partner organizations from the global diaspora and beyond are invited to join this diaspora movement and unite for peace. Ways to partner include sharing campaign posts with designated hashtags, creating themed social media content, recording supportive video messages, and more.