About the EU-India People’s Summit

On 8th May 2021, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, India and the European Union will hold the 16th EU-India Summit, in which they will take steps to negotiate a free trade agreement. The diplomatic summit is closed to civil society and stakeholders whose future the Summit will influence in the short- and long-term. To ensure that the voices of  the people, these two plural and multicultural democracies represents, are given place we host the first ever People’s Summit from 1-8 May 2021.

The People’s Summit is a non-partisan, non-bureaucratic festival of ideas. Through panels, fireside conversations, movie screenings, spoken words and workshops, we take a closer look at the core areas of collaboration as documented in the EU-India Strategic Partnership: A Roadmap to 2025 and the 9th EU-India Human Rights Dialogue.

What results does our Summit produce?

  • With speakers from the European Parliament, domestic politics, academia, civil society, and the private sector, we look ahead to shape the vision for a future that envisages a plural, democratic, secular and rights-based collaboration between EU and India.
  • We give first-hand accounts that strongly support the idea that the future of diplomacy should be embedded in human rights and become progressively open sourced.
  • The Summit discussions will form the People’s Blue-Print of the Roadmap that EU and India relation should take. This will mean stronger commitment to human rights, religious freedom and minority rights in near and far future.
Our People’s Summit is free of cost and accessible to all.