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In this dossier, we cover the unconstitutional nature of the National Registry of Citizens (NRC) in Assam process which has led 1.9 million people into a de facto statelessness within Indian territory. We show that displacement and loss of documents due to natural disasters and the annual monsoon floods are not accounted for in the procedure.

The international community and the European Union have stayed acquiescent to the complete absence of due process in Assam and the crisis of statelessness it creates. The EU therefore bears a heavy moral and ethical duty to clearly position itself against human rights violations in India. We urge the EU to strongly condemn the process of statelessness created by the Indian state in which it requires extra-ordinary proof of citizenship by people who are affected by annual flood displacement, poverty and legal illiteracy. Any investments made in this region by the EU will necessarily also fund the repressive Hindu-nationalist agenda, especially because the State of Assam is geopolitically crucial in the look-east policy of India.