Our new report with Ekō & ICWI, Slander, Lies, and Incitement, unveils disturbing findings about how Meta is facilitating serious harms in India ahead of the elections.

We found:

  • A coordinated network of pages sharing content, hashtags and ad payments, which amassed 10.53M interactions over 90 days and appears to have breached Meta’s ad transparency policy
  • 36 ads potentially breaking Indian election laws pushing hate speech, Islamophobia, communal violence, and misinformation amassing between 65-66M impressions
  • Ads depicting Muslims as sexually violent invaders and calling for India to be a “country for Hindus” only
  • Ads depicting the BJP opposition as a “virus”, “demon”, and “poisonous snake” and violent rhetoric to “break their spine”
  • 23.13M interactions on 22 far-right publisher pages over 90 days